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Our fingers hurt after seeing the Lakers' trainer pop Kobe's finger back in

Luckily, X-rays of Bryant's middle finger were negative.

During his last game against the San Antonio Spurs, Kobe Bryant dislocated his finger. With this being his final season, fans were this close from losing Kobe for a few more games. But the team's athletic trainer Gary Vitti changed all that with one resounding NOPE!

He calmly guided Kobe to the bench and lodged his finger back into place, but not before Kobe winced in pain. Vitti has definitely done this before, given his very calm parental demeanor. Still, we can't imagine ever getting used to seeing this on a regular basis. The woman on the right didn't expect to see that either.

But it did work! Kobe didn't miss a second of playing time.

The Lakers and Kobe received relatively good news after the game.

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