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Roy Williams is angry at Doug Gottlieb over retirement rumors, and he's making fun of his pants problem

CBS College Basketball's Doug Gottlieb said Roy Williams might retire if North Carolina wins the NCAA Championship. The Tar Heels coach was not impressed -- so he made fun of Gottlieb's "shorts on backwards" moment when he played at Oklahoma State.

It wasn't all jokes from Roy. He was legitimately mad.

Rumors of Williams' retirement began to swell following a bout of vertigo earlier this month. That paired with North Carolina's current performance fueled the idea that the Tar Heels could not only win the title, but that such a win could serve as Roy's ride off into the sunset.

Gottlieb responded to the comments from the North Carolina coach.

Is this beef over or only just beginning? Time will tell. Rumors of Roy's retirement? They're likely to stick around.

h/t The Big Lead

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