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Jim Boeheim blasts Syracuse player saying 'If I had anyone else he wouldn't play a minute'

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Tyler Roberson's play has been up-and-down this season for the Orange, and coach Jim Boeheim didn't hold anything back when he blasted his junior forward following a lackluster game against Pitt. Following the loss a steaming Boeheim said:

"If I had anyone else he wouldn't play a minute. You watched the game. I'm not going to describe what he did out there to you."

Roberson played 25 minutes and was 0-1 from the field with two fouls. The Orange's leading rebounder has been inconsistent in 2015-16, putting forth amazing performances like his 14-point, 20-rebound game against Duke and then games like the one on Saturday.

He heard his coach's criticism and wasn't impressed.

"That's what he thinks. I mean, that's his opinion. I don't know."

While Roberson could certainly be playing better and more consistent basketball, the comments from Boeheim are extremely harsh. This is the same player who put forth mutiple double-double games in January, and while his Febuary has been poor it's a little unfair to go all in on this.

Boeheim is butting heads with one of his most important players at the worst possible time and this only seems to be getting started.


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