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Dion Waiters' awful performance set to Celine Dion will make you weep

His heart will go on.

The OKC Thunder's 115-92 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers Sunday night was exacerbated by Dion Waiters' lackluster performance, in which he went 0-3 on three-point shots and 1-8 from the field.

Just to emphasize how poorly things went for the 6'4 shooting guard, Reddit user bootum dubbed his missed shots with Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On."

As evidenced from the first three, it seemed like the ball was defying his wishes on purpose. Waiters capped off the whole ordeal with a travel after a would-be assist from Kevin Durant. How can everything go so poorly for one player?

The shots of the Cavs sinking their shots interspersed with a dejected Waiters walking off the court backed by Dion's mezzo soprano really tug at the heartstrings.

Just like the song says, though, our hearts will go on, and hopefully so will Waiters' shooting arm.