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This hockey fan tried to toss a dead fish on the ice and the dead fish won

Poor fish didn't deserve that.

After the University of New Hampshire men's hockey team cut the deficit to 2-1 against Boston University on Friday night, a student casually strutted up to the side of the rink. He was hauling — after a lengthy cross examination — what appears to be a 25- to 30-pound carp and tried to lob it over the glass.

The kicker? He failed miserably.

That poor fish was tossed up in the air every way possible before the fan finally used both hands to send it on its way.

What's even funnier is that when this tradition, which involves throwing a fish after the team scores its first goal, began in the early 1970s, fans used to select more appropriate fish. In former UNH assistant coach Bob Norton's words:

"It goes back to when we were playing a Division II team, and our program had gone way past theirs. I remember [the UNH fans] threw out this little dinky thing and they called it a Division II fish. I guess they were trying to tell them they weren't worthy of a first-rate fish."

If that fan gets another chance to partake in the tradition, he should probably choose a smaller fish — or hit the gym.

(h/t American Sports Net)