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The ACC doesn't know what the U.S. Capitol looks like


The ACC men's basketball tournament is coming to Washington, D.C., and to celebrate, the conference came up with ads depicting local landmarks. But something is seriously off about one of them.

Don't see it?

That building is apparently not the U.S. Capitol. The most telltale sign is: If you look closely, there are figures along some of the roofing.

Plus, the columns running down from the spire are grouped in twos like St. Paul's Cathedral in London (shown on the right via Bernard Gagnon's photography), instead of evenly spaced like the Capitol building (left).

A few experts confirmed this to The Washington Post's Dan Steinberg:

The differences weren't immediately obvious to my eyes, but a spokeswoman for the Architect of the Capitol confirmed that this building is not, in fact, the U.S. Capitol.

Good try.

(h/t Marc Tomik for noticing)