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The Braves' Freddie Freeman has an extremely chill cat for a copilot

This cat is a good dog.

Freddie Freeman and his wife, Chelsea, traveled to Florida on Monday for Braves spring training. Joining them on this road trip was Nala, their pet cat. "This isn't going to end well," you say, which is an understandable reaction. But what you didn't realize is that Nala is a good dog. I'll explain.

No, Nala is not a dog. But Nala is a good dog, because "good dog" is less of a biological description and more of a state of being. All dogs are good, except for my roommate's, so it's easy for them. But we can all be good dogs if we try hard enough.

Nala is a cat who is a good dog. I'm very proud of Nala, and you should be, too.

Look at Nala! This tweet was sent nearly an hour after the first one, and although Nala clearly would prefer to just hurry up and be at the destination already, Nala is not one to complain.

Let's all be like Nala.