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Jim Harbaugh is at 'RAW' and VERY fired up about it

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If you watched RAW on Monday night, you saw some big news with the return of Shane McMahon. You may also have noticed a recognizable face in the Detroit crowd.

Yes, that is Jim Harbaugh. And yes, he is very excited, even if it isn't WrestleMania in the Big House like he'd like.

A lot of notable people attend WWE events. Anthony Rizzo of the Cubs was in attendance just a few weeks ago. Few, however, are as excited about it as Harbaugh. He's not just there all decked out in Michigan gear. He's imploring the crowd to cheer with the same vigor as he'd argue a call with. About the only thing missing from making this peak Harbaugh is a philosophical tweet about it.

We can only hope he jumps in the ring and challenges all of the SEC coaches to a royal rumble match to decide recruiting territories.

(H/T Cageside Seats)