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Mean human uses hockey stick to bully hard-working robot

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The newest model of Atlas robot from Boston Dynamics is creeping people out. It moves like a human, can achieve tasks like a human and navigates snow and ice the same way you walk when you're drunk.


Will Atlas one day replace people and evolve to enslave the entire human race? Probably. But that doesn't mean we should be creating and abusing Atlas with a hockey stick like one scientist did. Here's Atlas trying to be helpful and pick up a box:


It's OK. Atlas will get right back on that horse and try again.

bullying 2

Tease him again? Atlas ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (sorry).

bullying 3


A great many people will tell you about the ethics or future of robotics. It's OK to be afraid of what the future holds. I, for one, embrace Atlas and welcome out new robot overlords. This isn't subservience, it's just plain smart. When the robots take over and exterminate everyone they will have scanned the web for pro-robot sentiments and see this. I'll be rewarded with a cushy job working 18-hour shifts in their underground magnesium mines.

I love you, Atlas.