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Why is the D-League Bulls logo angrier than the Chicago Bulls logo?

This is the recently announced name and logo of the Chicago Bulls' D-League affiliate:

Here is the Chicago Bulls logo:

bulls logo

You see the difference, right? The new Bull is WAY angrier:


That brow. It's so furrowed! The eyes are even blacker with rage! Why is this the case? I have some guesses:

1. The Bull is angrier because the organization had a whole contest to name the new D-League team and people submitted all sorts of wonderful ideas ... and then they just went with "Windy City Bulls." This is exactly what the Knicks did, by the way, and it's a pretty rude waste of a contest.

2. The Bull is angrier because he has aged so much since posing for the NBA team's logo in 1966.

3. The Bull is angrier because they put words over his face in the logo.

4. The Bull is angrier because if you removed the words in the logo, you would reveal that the rest of his face looks like this: