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Watching Stephen Curry as an opposing fan remains a terrifying experience

Stephen Curry is an opposing NBA team's worst nightmare. He also haunts any non-Warriors fans. The Warriors are clearly the target of every other NBA city, and when Golden State goes on the road it turns into a traveling band that will rip your heart out. It's all led by Curry, who has a knack for hitting clutch -- and devastating -- three-pointers.

Earlier this season, the Clippers gave the Warriors a run for their money. Then Curry ended that threat, much to the chagrin of Erik Griffin of Workaholics fame.

On Wednesday it was a different challenger, but the same result. The Miami Heat gave the Warriors a stiff challenge. Then, late in the fourth quarter, Steph did this.

We don't know if Erik Griffin was in attendance, but this Heat fan certainly was (bottom middle-left).


The shot hasn't gone in. It's barely even left Curry's hand. But there is no question it's going in for that fan. NBA players could write thousands of words trying to describe the challenge of guarding Stephen Curry. Or we could just let that fan's face sum it up.

Home alone warriors

The Warriors are racking up wins and leaving a trail of devastated fans in the rear-view mirror.

(H/T Ben Reiter)

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