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No car windshields are safe at spring training

If you are driving a car around spring training, you may want to try parking away from the stadiums. Or at least make sure you have insurance to cover a broken windshield.

Players are gearing up for the season and taking a lot of batting practice. That means plenty of home runs are being launched. Some of those just happen to be windshield seeking dingers.

The Cubs Kyle Schwarber sent a long ball into a windshield a week ago.

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Cars parked outside the Mariners' spring training complex are not safe either. Not with Nelson Cruz around.

At least with the victim of Cruz's home run, they got to keep the ball as a souvenir.

Milwaukee's Jacob Nottingham, smashed the back window of a car with a home run ... and it just happened to be his own car. Ouch.

The real winner here is the auto glass shops near the spring training sights. Business is going to be good for the next month.