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'Better Call Saul' night in Albuquerque is the best minor league theme of the season

It would take hundreds of hours to catalog all of the weird jerseys minor league teams have used. Here is just a small sampling from recent years.

None of those include Bob Odenkirk's face on them. Thanks to the Albuquerque Isotopes that is about to change.

The Isotopes are hosting "Better Call Saul" night in August as a nod to Odenkirk's character from Breaking Bad and the spinoff Better Call Saul. Both shows were based in New Mexico, so it's a natural tie in. Plus who wouldn't want a jersey with Jimmy McGill pointing at you.

Odenkirk's face won't be the only one featured on an Isotopes' jersey this season. The team will also hold Holly Holm night to celebrate the current UFC champion.