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We planned out Yoenis Cespedes' next 7 outlandish spring training vehicles for him

Yoenis Cespedes has been catching a lot of attention this week, because every day during spring training, he's been arriving in a luxurious car, courtesy of his friend Alex Vega. It started with this motorized tricycle, followed by a $400,000 Lamborghini, which he lent to a New York Mets staffer so she could get waffles for him:

Each car feels more outlandish than the last; Friday's offering was a $100,000 Jeep that had a lot of flair:

New week, new ride. On Tuesday he rode a horse.

Part of this multi-day gesture may be inspired by his upbringing in Cuba:

And since Cespedes signed a three-year, $70 million deal with the Mets earlier this year, he can afford to drive all these cars. That being said, Cespedes could go more wacky with his vehicle choices.

Behold, here are our ideas for what Yoenis Cespedes should drive to spring training next:

An X-Wing

The amp-filled truck from Mad Max: Fury Road

The Batmobile (which actually might happen!)

The Batcycle

The Oscar Meyer Wienermobile

The Car Built For Homer

A hot air balloon

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