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Georgetown and Butler's bulldogs want to make America great again

They're the "pawtriotic choice," of course.

Georgetown Jack and Butler Blue III want your vote to upgrade their crib — from the dog house to the White House. This "perfect pairing of pups on the bulldog ballot" is undoubtedly the cutest contenders with a track record of "loyalty, compassion, obedience and unconditional love."

But are they eligible to run? Let's go through the list of requirements, as stated in the Constitution:

Natural-born citizen?

Georgetown Jack hails from San Diego, Calif., while Butler Blue III will need to produce his birth certificate before we rule him out entirely.

U.S. resident for 14 years?

Both pass. Georgetown Jack (born June 29, 2013) is 18.64 years old in dog years, while Butler Blue (born Dec. 23, 2011) is 29.26.

35 years and older?

Unfortunately neither pass here. They'll both be eligible by 2036.

While our hopes and dreams may have been crushed for now, we can still enjoy watching Georgetown Jack be cute.