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The greatest danger to the Warriors is Andrew Bogut's under-14 team

The Warriors have spent this season racking up wins, and as they've done so others have racked up opinions about just how good Stephen Curry and his team are. Former NBA player Stephen Jackson may have offered up the oddest take on the team when he said his 2006-07 Warriors team would beat the current version.

That Golden State team was good and very fun. But, that seems like an outrageous thing to say about a team that is currently 52-5. The Warriors have had to listen to the critics all season. They are bad for basketball. They couldn't hold a candle to the 1995-96 Bulls, etc.

Instead of getting angry at the critics, Golden State is taking a different approach.

That's very well played by Andrew Bogut. The team didn't stop there, either.

They even worked multiple criticisms into the same joke. Some critics like to say that Curry and Klay Thompson are able to hit all those three-pointers because they get open from illegal screens.

A lot of people seem intent on finding reasons why the Warriors aren't as good as they appear. Golden State doesn't seem very bothered and might just laugh its way all the way to another championship.