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Klay Thompson is the NBA's biggest Harry Potter fan

Klay Thompson is arguably one of the top two shooters in the NBA. He's apparently also in the discussion for the top Harry Potter fan in the NBA.

The Golden State Warriors played in Orlando on Thursday which gave Thompson and his teammates Harrison Barnes and Leandro Barbosa the chance to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Barnes said he was a big fan of the movies and books while Barbosa had no idea what they were before attending. Thompson? Well, Thompson seemed downright giddy to be there.

Here he is very pumped after being chosen to select a wand.

Klay 1

He really took that whole wand thing seriously.

And here he is enjoying the full Harry Potter experience.

Did we mention that he was really excited for basically every part?

Thompson's fandom is not new, here he is in high school.

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Good thing the Warriors locked Thompson up with a contract extension, otherwise the Magic could have swooped in with an unlimited pass to the park to sweeten the deal.