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Stephen Curry is tired of 'annoying' criticism of Warriors

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

At this point in the season, everyone has given their opinion on whether the Golden State Warriors are the best team in history of the NBA. And a lot of it isn't positive. As stellar as the team has been throughout this season (they're probably going to clinch a playoff spot in February for crying out loud!) fans and former players alike still undermine the defending NBA champs.

The legendary Oscar Robertson thinks that current defenses just aren't trying hard enough to contain Curry. Even former Warriors player Stephen Jackson chimed in, saying that his old Warriors squad which upset the no.1-seed Mavericks can beat this squad.

Andrew Bogut and Curry both joked about it, mocking those naysayers by saying that the Australian U-14 team featuring "Fat Jimmy" can stop the Dubs. It's a funny notion, but can you blame them for taking that route when there is so much negativity surrounding one of the most efficient teams in the NBA?

Draymond Green's mother, Mary Babers-Green penned an open letter for the Bay Area News Group, calling on former players to "stop spewing envy" and "enjoy the ride." She, too, ended on a lighter note, saying that's she's glad basketball has changed, as stars from different eras claim, because "we were all beginning to yawn."

According to the San Jose Mercury Star, Curry skipped the jokes this time. He said that all this criticism is "starting to get a little annoying because it's kind of unwarranted." Regardless, that hasn't stopped Curry and the Warriors from squandering teams in their path with unbridled confidence, and that may remain that way.

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