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A Warriors steal and Andre Iguodala's 2 clutch free throws force overtime in OKC

The Warriors were down early against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Saturday night, but these are the 2015-16 Warriors we're talking about. Was there any doubt that they would come back and at least make the game close? Not one bit.

The way in which they did it, however, may have stopped a few hearts. The Warriors doubled-teamed Kevin Durant, who was forced to hurl the ball down the court. The only problem was that it was tipped and passed to Andre Iguodala with about 3 seconds left. Iggy attempted the game-tying two-point shot with less than a second left—and missed. But he drew a foul!

And despite Iguodala's history of not making clutch free throws, he made them and sent the game to overtime.