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These 3 charts prove Stephen Curry's having the best shooting season ever

Stephen Curry is breaking the laws of basketball before our eyes. His 46-point performance on Saturday that very nearly caused him to ascend straight into heaven only furthered our understanding that Curry is playing basketball at its purest form.

Here are three charts that may help you understand just how otherworldly Curry has been, even more than you already do.

1. Steph Curry from long range

Curry's game-winning shot from the dark side of the moon illustrated it, but he's been nailing ridiculously long shots all year. Note that Curry isn't just far and away the leader on these shots, but he's also making them at a better clip than any other player.

Adjusting 28 to 40 feet helps take away heaves from beyond half-court, where Curry is 1-of-6 this season. Note that play-by-play data isn't always accurate and some of these distances may be exaggerated slightly, so the real number might be smaller than 34 makes. But in general, the point remains: Curry can shoot it farther, more frequently, more often than any other player we've ever seen.

2. Steph Curry without an assist

These are the NBA's leaders in made three-pointers. It's ridiculous how far ahead of the pack Curry is, of course -- he's already broken his own record for made threes in a season and it's FEBRUARY STILL -- but we've discussed that already. Instead, look at the sheer volume of Curry's threes that come without an assist, as indicated by the blue column.

Holy wow. As you see, some of the NBA's leaders barely ever make shots off the dribble, focusing solely on the catch-and-shoot, but it's nearly half of Curry's game. (Harden and Lillard actually have higher percentages of their three-pointers being unassisted, but of course, not nearly at the volume.) Again: Curry is the best shooter we've ever seen.

3. Steph Curry, efficient volume shooter

Among a slew of records Curry conquered on Saturday, this one went slightly under the radar: 128 straight games with a made three-pointer, beating Kyle Korver's previous mark of 127. Korver will go down as one of the NBA's great three-point shooters, but his volume doesn't come close to Curry's. His streak was mostly extended by games with one, two or three makes, while more than half of Curry's games involve at least four triples.

Stats courtesy of's stats page and Stats current as of Feb. 28, 2016.

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