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This Rice pitcher's pickoff move is so slick it should be patented

This is truly creative.

This is a post about Blake Fox, a left-handed senior pitcher for Rice University. Blake, if you happen to read this, take my advice and click on this link here. It's some basic information about trademarking something in the United States, and you're gonna need it, because this pickoff move you created is patent worthy.

The pickoff attempt was unsuccessful, but that's almost besides the point. This is completely intentional and Fox pulls it off slyly, completely selling the hair tussle before firing to first base with his pitching arm. Genius. Let's even help Fox think up some names for this new creation:

- The Pick Off Pompadour TM

- Bang Bangs TM

- Underhanded Moves, Overhanded Throws TM


You're welcome, Blake.

* * *

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