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Yoenis Cespedes is now the proud owner of a grand champion hog

What do MLB players do in the down time of spring training? Well, apparently if they are Yoenis Cespedes, they go to the local fair and buy a hog. Cespedes attended the St. Lucie County Fair over the weekend and didn't come away empty handed.

According to one Twitter user, Cespedes bought one of the winning hogs.

That is certainly one way to spend a weekend.

Now the question is what will Cespedes do with the hog? He garnered a lot of attention last week when he drove a multitude of very expensive cars to practice. He could one-up his own reputation and come to the ballpark riding a giant hog. That probably isn't physically possible, but it would be an unbeatable entrance.

The more likely option also appears to be the easiest: Eat it.

Long before MLB fans knew Cespedes as the home run mashing outfielder with a cannon for an arm, they knew him as the player who created a marketing video to sell himself to MLB teams. And of course that video famously included Cespedes roasting a pig.


Maybe Cespedes' new hog will have a different fate. Or maybe Cespedes is planning to throw the best team barbecue in spring training history.

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