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LeBron James was so frustrated by a turnover, he didn’t bother to play defense

The Cleveland Cavaliers have hit a rough patch on the court and LeBron James is clearly frustrated. That said, he's still going to get roasted by critics for that terrible defensive effort.

Would him chasing after Paul George have changed the outcome of the play? Maybe not, but he is LeBron James, one of the masters of the chase down block. Instead of even going through the motions of finishing the play, James just quit.

The Cavs are already drawing attention for the wrong reasons. They fired their coach after one bad stretch. They have now hit another and the rumors have begun, including that Kyrie Irving wants out of town. Now, James can expect to make the rounds on all of the debate shows as pundits question whether he is a true leader and whatever else they can conjure up.

It's two points. Two points that George likely scores regardless of the effort level of James. But, it's two points that are going to be blown up into so much more. James takes more than his fair share of criticism, for basically everything. Most often, it's not deserved. But, plays like this won't help silence those critics anytime soon.

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