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Rob Gronkowski once worked as a male stripper by accident

On Tuesday's episode of Conan, man-about-town and future party cruise emcee Rob Gronkowski revealed that he once did work as a male stripper -- by accident. Gronk was supposed to be a security guard for his friend -- the actual male stripper -- at a bachelorette party, but then alcohol was involved and ... things fell into place, so to speak.

Gronk: "Well, my boy in college always talked about how he used to do these, like, bachelorette parties and I'm like, "Whoa, that's pretty sweet." Like, that sounds cool ... and he gets like $100 bills at the moment in college, and we're like "that's big money." So, I finally went with him -- he always talked about it -- and he put this cool cowboy suit on. I was kind of jealous. It's like, "Dang, you're looking smooth right now."

Conan: "So he was the cowboy, and what was your role?"

Gronk: "I was the security guy. I put a full suit on, tie, I went there like this [crosses arms and mean mugs the audience] like 'back up,' like 'you're too close, get your hands off him.' I was just pretending like that."

Conan: "So you weren't supposed to strip. He was going to strip and you were just going to be security."

Gronk: "Yes, I was security and then every lady there was giving me shots. They were making me drink their beers, so I was ... participating. I was getting wasted on the side. My friend -- he didn't drink in college -- so he was always the driver, too. So it worked out perfect."

Eventually, Gronk was surrounded by a circle of 35 women, all of them cheering on Gronk to strip down. He was initially reluctant to do so, but he eventually let his guard (ba-dum-tishhh) down, stripped to his boxers and gave the ladies lap dances.

The stinger? "I made like $25," he said.

Yep, that's our Gronk.