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Oregon State signed a 325-pound lineman who used to be a bonecrushing running back

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On Wednesday, the Oregon State Beavers signed a huge Internet sensation, both in the literal and figurative sense, in the form of 325-pound David Fangupo.

His name may not be familiar to you, but you're probably really familiar with videos of him, back when he played in high school. He's the large guy playing running back, making his opponents look foolish in their attempts to take him down:

Fangupo played a bit with the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors, then after a short break, played for Cerritos College before committing to Utah last summer. Fangupo then de-committed from Utah, and signed with Oregon State on National Signing Day.

This time, he's not a running back anymore -- he'll be playing defensive tackle. Even though he's not playing an offensive position anymore, we're still looking forward to any Piesman moments he'll surely have in the future.

(via The Oregonian)