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Von Miller, Josh Norman, and Marshawn Lynch wore fur hats and drank wine while playing 'DOOM' on 'Conan'

In the week leading up to the Super Bowl, players need to study hard to be fully prepared before the biggest game of their lives, but they also need to take a little some time to relax, to make sure the stress doesn't become unbearable before kickoff.

Last year, he invited Marshawn Lynch and Rob Gronkowski to play some Mortal Kombat before their big game. This year, he invited Von Miller of the Broncos and Josh Norman of the Panthers to play the new DOOM. Somehow, Marshawn Lynch managed to get in on the fun and do a bunch of stuff only Marshawn Lynch would do.

Still, the best exchange came when Conan asked Von Miller how he knew about something in the game he'd never seen before:

Conan: "How did you know that was a hologram?"
Von Miller: "I saw 2Pac in Coachella."

* * *

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