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Charles Barkley roasted the Suns and their arena food because they're both bad

"Cold cheese, Shaq. And the chips are stale!"

The Phoenix Suns lost to the Houston Rockets on Thursday night, and during NBA on TNT's recap of the game, Charles Barkley went on an unexpected roast on how bad the Suns' arena is. According to Barkley, the hot dog buns are stale, the nacho cheese is cold, the seats are dirty, they replace the jalapeño peppers with pickles and it's cold over there in Phoenix.

Obviously, Barkley still has a lot of love for his old team, but he's disappointed in how they're doing right now. "I just feel bad because the reason I live in Phoenix, they got the best fans in the world and they deserve better. They deserve better than they're getting right now," said Barkley, before he continued roasting the Suns to everyone's delight.