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The Super Bowl will be selling hot dogs with real golden flakes on them

If you're attending the Super Bowl on Sunday, chances are that you paid top dollar for your seat. So what's another few bucks for, let's say, a hot dog? Attending the game is as extravagant as it gets. Celebrate the NFL's golden year with golden food!

Centerplate, the food provider of Levi's Stadium, is offering a limited-edition hot dog topped off with real flakes of gold. This will only be sold during the game, so if you've ever had dreams of your insides looking like Goldust then here's your chance.

And it's not any more expensive than a regular dog you would get at a regular season game. The gold-flaked frankfurter only costs $12 so it's definitely worth the experience.

Now, go enjoy that sandwich hot dog.

(h/t Mashable)