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The most important game happening Sunday is actually the OTTER BOWL

Forget the Puppy Bowl. Forget even the Super Bowl. The next football spectacle is the Otter Bowl!

According to ABC 7 Los Angeles, Long Beach will be home to the second annual Otter Bowl, which will take place at The Aquarium of the Pacific. Kickoff starts at 4 p.m. which will overlap the first quarter of the Super Bowl. But we get to watch humans play football all the time. There have literally been only two instances where an otter versus otter affair has taken place, at least in Long Beach, Calif.

The otters won't be playing with a real football. They'll be playing with a football-like clam to make the game a bit more competitive.

With moves like these, otters can easily play running back at the professional level. Just look at the composure as this otter maneuvers through the water.