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It costs a fortune to get wine drunk at the Super Bowl


Look, we get that the Super Bowl is a premiere event and people in attendance have the money for this stuff -- but that's beyond the pale. The beer prices are bad enough, but you can get two BOTTLES of wine for that price -- semi-okay bottles too. Heck, you can get almost three boxes of terrible wine for $25.

Want to get a sense of the markup? Here's what these bottles retail for:

William Hill Chardonnay: $13.95

MacMurray Pinot Gris: $13.99

J Sparkling Rose: $22.99

Chalone Estate Pinot Noir: $17.99

Gallo Signature Series Pinot Noir: $22.99

Bonterra The McNab Red Blend: $15.98

Sterling Napa Valley Cabernet: $16.00

Unparalleled Cabernet: $16.00

Stonestreet Cabernet: $33.99

So if you're at the Super Bowl -- please, at least drink the Stonestreet. It's still ridiculous, but at least you're closer to getting your money's worth.