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Aqib Talib fell on his butt trying to visit the NFL Network set

Aqib Talib is pretty pumped that the Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl. Nothing can stop him! The adrenaline probably makes him feel invincible. He can do anything!

Now, watch as he runs to the NFL Network crew to do a fun interview—WHOOPS.

Smooth move, Talib. But hey, nothing can take away the feeling of a Super Bowl win! At least he was able to laugh about it and provide a quick analysis.

Talib wasn't the only one to find humor in his fall on live TV. Broncos players in the victorious locker room passed around cellphones laughing and saying how hilarious it was:

At one point, a group of his Broncos teammates were cackling as they shared the video with each other saying "'Lib going viral!":

After arriving in the locker room following his slip and fall on the NFL Network's set, Talib seemed to be having more fun than anyone celebrating the Broncos' Super Bowl win. As the cornerback stood holding the championship trophy, he took a series of Snapchat selfies with it, then proudly sang "I GOT THE LOMBARDI ON MY SNAP" as he wandered back to his locker:

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