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Don't look at this picture of Thomas Davis' gross surgically repaired arm

Thomas Davis didn't win the Super Bowl, but he was definitely the toughest dude who played in the Super Bowl. The veteran Panthers linebacker broke his arm during the Panthers NFC Championship Game win over the Cardinals, which prompted him to have surgery on the following Monday.

So yes, that means he was playing in the Super Bowl 13 days after he broke his arm and had a metal plate put in it. Here's the message he sent wit this photo.

This post is not about me, or how tough I am. It's not to shine any light on me or my injuries. Our team doctors and trainers did an amazing job giving me an opportunity to get back on the field. This post is strictly to show how much love I have for my brothers and #PantherNation. Thank you all for your support and we will #KeepPounding.

This is something else.

* * *

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