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Super Bowl MVP Von Miller also crushed the Panthers on Instagram with Crying Jordan

A photo posted by Von Miller (@millerlite40) on

Von Miller decimated the Panthers offense during Super Bowl 50 on his way to being named the game's MVP. It was one of the best defensive performances in a Super Bowl in recent history. His zing of the Panthers on Instagram after the game might have been even better.

Carolina loves to dab. The Panthers dabbed on everyone all season. They even told people that if they didn't like them dabbing to stop them. Well, Miller and the Broncos defense certainly stopped them and then Miller dipped into the popular memes on the Internet bucket to make all of the Panthers Crying Jordan.

Did Miller make that image himself? Almost assuredly not. But his deployment was excellent. Carolina had a very bad day, on and off the field and most of it was because of Von Miller.