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2 Broncos fans arrived late to $14K Super Bowl seats, didn't care because 'we're rich'

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Don't you hate it when your private jet is late?

A pair of $14,000 Super Bowl tickets was pocket change for two Denver Broncos fans, who showed up midway through the first quarter.

"We could give a f—," Dr. Juergen Pichler Levine, whose private jet couldn’t land for an hour and a half, told The San Francisco Chronicle. "We are rich."

Just how late were they? Let’s see … Lady Gaga had already performed. The Broncos had scored their first points. Stadium security had started sitting down to watch the game.

Even halftime performers were starting to line up when Pichler Levine and his friend, Jim Gantt, showed up.

If you do the math, they blew through about $3,500 of the game.

@superbowl50#first#play#@Santa Clara#USA#we missed #ladygaga #national #anthem but we can live with that LOl

A photo posted by Dr Juergen Pichler Levine (@juergen_pichler_levine) on

At least they had a great view of the field.

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Prop Bet: Did Lady Gaga finish over or under for the national anthem?

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