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Eli Manning explains why he looked so sad during Peyton’s Super Bowl win

During Super Bowl 50, cameras caught Eli Manning's reaction after the Broncos scored a touchdown to seal the win. Eli looked pretty bummed while the rest of his family looked ecstatic.

TMZ caught up with Eli and asked him why he made that face, and he was more concerned about the team getting it done than getting upset at big brother Peyton catching up to him in Super Bowl wins.

(Image via TMZ)

Manning: "I was just focused on whether they were going for two, and knew the defense had to step up and make some stops ... "

Cameraman: "I got you. Did you see the memes? Did you think they were funny?"

Manning: (smiling) "Uh, yeah. It's all good stuff."

Eli was also asked if Peyton was retiring, and answered, "I don't know, whatever he wants to do." At least he's taking all of it in good stride.

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