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The Clippers' new condor mascot is only slightly less terrifying than Pierre the Pelican

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The Clippers' recent rebranding didn't go as smoothly as possible. The team's logo is universally disliked, if not reviled. The redesign looks like there was some dedication and meticulous planning, but it was too rushed to manifest effectively.

We thought the Clippers were done with unveiling everything, with it being the middle of the season. But lo and behold, the team saved one more thing: a mascot!

While they could have caved in to what basketball fans wanted -- an anthropomorphic paper clip -- they took another route. A completely different one at that. A condor! That's right, a Clippers Condor.

At halftime on Monday night, the team unveiled its new mascot. At least the alliteration in the name makes it sounds adorable, right? Unfortunately even that's not the case. The Condor's name is Chuck and he looks like the cousin Toucan Sam hung out with in the 1990s.

Clippers owner Steve Ballmer named Chuck in honor of Chuck Taylor, or maybe just to throw out a very obvious pun.

Chuck is repping 213, which is the local area code so the mascot sticks true the Clippers' vision of honoring the neighboring area. Let's see what the Clippers have to say about the new mascot on Twitter:

Good job good effort, Clippers. We could have had a Clippy mascot, but Condors are majestic: 

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