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Ken Block took Gymkhana to Dubai and drifted under a moving jumbo jet

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Ken Block's Gymkhana videos are works of wonder. They take something familiar to all of us like driving a car and turn the dial up so high it breaks, ruins the excitement machine and causes it to burst into flames.

Any video that starts by releasing a wild falcon and letting a cheetah out of your car set to Michael Bay music lets you know this is going to be good.


And it is.

Block kicks things off by drifting under a Ford F-150 that's up on two wheels.


Then, after more general ridiculousness, he takes it to the next level: A frigging Boeing 747 that's moving.


These videos never get old -- ever. Heck, we didn't even get to the part where Block's souped-up racing Ford Fiesta SMOKED the most exotic and expensive supercars in the world. We'll let you discover that part yourself.