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UNC's Marcus Paige gave a farewell speech and left Roy Williams teary-eyed

After playing his final home game on Monday for Senior Night, Marcus Paige gave a farewell speech to Tar Heels coach Roy Williams. It was an emotional moment for both of them, with Paige not only thanking him for teaching him how to be a better player, but also helping him grow into a better person.

"The one thing you did is you always believed in me. You always told me, 'I believe in you, son. You're going to make shots, you're going to do fine, you're going to be a great player.' You just believed in me and ... I can't thank you enough for that, because that allowed me to become a confident person myself, and helped me grow as a person."

There's no doubt Williams, who was visibly moved by the end, appreciated every word that came from Paige. Williams followed Paige's speech with his own, showing appreciation to his players for sticking with him through thick and thin:

Anyone else have a little dust in their eyes?