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The Hornets are having the best 1990s Nickelodeon Nostalgia Night

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Aw, here it goes.

The Charlotte Hornets are having a '90s Nickelodeon Night and it's actually the best theme night I've ever seen. They have great merch, which is currently only available in Charlotte, but its still fantastic. I mean, if the Hornets aren't enough pure nostalgia for us '90s kids, they went full Nickelodeon memories on us tonight. First things first, Kel is actually at the game. Such a strong start to the night.

There was also apparently an entire nostalgia heaven happening inside the arena. This is basically every great TV show that has ever existed all in one place.

The Rugrats were literally at the game.

And the Hornets twitter account held back nothing, tweeting constant '90s gifs.

And, of course ... of course. They played Double Dare at halftime.

Nickelodeon should come to every NBA arena and do this. Please. Let us all enjoy. Also, make sure you check out The Splat. Nostalgia starts every night at 10 p.m. ET on Teen Nick.