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C.J. Anderson signed with Miami, but didn't forget Adam Gase once called him 'a little chubby'

Restricted free agent C.J. Anderson inked an offer sheet with the Miami Dolphins on Thursday, giving the Broncos five days to match the deal. If they don't, Anderson will head to Miami where he will re-unite with Dolphins head coach Adam Gase.

Gase was Anderson's offensive coordinator in Denver. When he left and became the offensive coordinator in Chicago, he had an interesting thing to say about Anderson.

"In Denver,€” C.J. (Anderson) would hate me for saying this,€” but he got tired and was a little chubby sometimes," Gase said before last season, via the Denver Post. "I mean, he got worn down quick and then we had to rotate backs in last year."

Anderson heard the comments then:

He didn't forget them either:

Whatever Anderson thinks of the comments, it wasn't enough to keep him from signing an offer sheet with Gase's new team. Gase probably doesn't mind with when Anderson keeps averaging 4.8 yards per carry, a little chubby or not.