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LeBron James adjusts midair to off target alley-oop for emphatic lefty slam

J.R. Smith found himself on a fast break with LeBron James trailing. Naturally, he went the showtime route and put the ball off the backboard for James. Except, his accuracy was not great. Fortunately he has a freak of nature as a teammate who was able to adjust mid air and dunk it lefty instead.

That could have easily been a botched attempt that everyone got a good laugh at. Instead, LeBron did that. James made sure to let Smith know he needs work on his alley-oop assists.

While that was seemingly a poor pass, it could have also been a great pass. A standard alley-oop would have been fun. But this? That was James at his freakiest on display. You could argue that Smith actually made that play much better. Which he was probably intending to do the entire time. Yeah, of course he was.