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Tulane's coach found out he was getting fired while coaching his team's big upset win

At 8:05 p.m. ET, CBS college basketball writer Gary Parrish tweeted this.

That's not really surprising news. Conroy's record at Tulane is under .500 and the team was 11-21 heading into Friday. Except the timing of the news is what made it interesting. The reports surfaced during halftime of Tulane's American Championship quarterfinal game against Houston. Here is a tweet from a few minutes after the news broke.

Initially the timing was bad. Then it got really awkward when Tulane rallied back and WON THE GAME. The No. 10 seeded Green Wave are the first double-digit seed to advance to the semifinals of the American Championship Tournament.

So not only did news break that Conroy would be fired while he was still coaching a game. But, he now has another game to coach. What if they win again? What if they keep winning and make the NCAA Tournament? Yikes.

Conroy was very aware of the situation.