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Michael Beasley is making up for missed time in the NBA by jacking up shots

Every March, spring has sprung -- flowers are blooming, trees are regaining their foliage and temperatures are rising. Every year, right around this time, Michael Beasley signs with some random NBA team after dominating in China.

This year it's the Houston Rockets, where Beasley signed last week after averaging 32 points and being named the Chinese League MVP. Although Beasley played a couple of games, his first real chance at minutes came Friday against the Boston Celtics. It was like he had never left.

Enjoy this beautiful, beautiful stat line from B-Easy: 18 points, 15 minutes, 9-of-19 shooting, eight rebounds. That's NINETEEN field goal attempts in FIFTEEN minutes. OK, yeah, Beasley's officially back.

If you were wondering whether anyone has ever shot that many times with so few minutes, the answer is no. At least since the 1983-84 season, as far as goes back, no NBA player has ever attempted 19 or more field goals in 15 or fewer minutes.

I think the only question left is whether we elect Michael Beasley to the Hall of Fame immediately or wait until the season's over.

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