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Stephen Curry left Damian Lillard grabbing for air on a filthy dribble-drive

Damian Lillard was probably looking forward to meeting up with the Golden State Warriors. While Steph and the team have been celebrated throughout the season, Dame was snubbed from the All-Star game and he has made his displeasure known by shooting lights out. Not to mention, Lillard and his Blazers as a whole have been compared to the Warriors, though if you were Portland, you might consider it a bit of an insult.

Lillard wants to reinforce that any long-range shot is a Lillard original. There shouldn't be any comparisons to the Warriors.

But on Friday, things weren't looking so good. Steph started the game with the upper hand. Curry crossed Lillard over before they even reached the three-point line and made a fool out of two other defenders while hitting a high layup.

It's a long game, so Lillard will get his shot in sooner or later.

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