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Aussie Rules player scores point with ludicrous 87-yard punt

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Australians are taking over punting in college football, and soon we'll see this trickle into the NFL. Just look at this video if you've ever wondered why.

This kick comes from the NAB Challenge, Aussie Rules' preseason contest. Trent McKenzie of the Gold Coast Suns decided he was going to try and kick a goal -- from 80 meters out. This is absolutely unheard of. Most players won't attempt a kick much past the 50 meter mark.

To put in perspective just how far an 80-meter kick is: That would be like a player in the NFL punting from their own 13-yard line and putting it into the opposing end zone on the full. McKenzie didn't score a goal and only got a behind, which is worth one point, but credit to him for having any kind of accuracy at all with this.