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Mickey Mouse is dishing out magical bounce passes to Paul Pierce

With Blake Griffin still out for the Los Angeles Clippers, it's obvious that the team needs some depth heading in to the playoffs. They traded away a few players in Josh Smith and Lance Stephenson, but they might have acquired the piece they were looking for all along, and he wasn't even on an NBA team.

He was just a few miles south of Staples Center. It's Mickey Mouse.

Disney released a vine of Mickey honing his ball skills. He attempted his best Chris Paul impression by throwing a tremendous bounce pass. But with the magic of Disney, this wasn't going to be your standard long bounce pass. No, this one bounced off multiple places in the gym (and outside too!), only to find Clipper Paul Pierce open for the easy layup.

It's a good thing that Mickey is good at basketball, otherwise he would end up hurting his teammate. (Remember when LeBron couldn't catch a pass in time and the ball hit him in the face?)

We only have one question: where in the world is Chuck?