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Kobe Bryant told LeBron's mom that her grandkids 'pass too much'

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"Send them my way, and I'll fix that."

Harry How/Getty Images
Kobe and LeBron have met for the final time, and J.A. Adande captured a great moment after their last matchup:

Kobe thinks he still has a chance to change the next James generation though. He saw LeBron's mother, Gloria, in the hallway outside the locker rooms and told her he'd been watching her grandsons' blossoming basketball talents. He had only one critique:

"They pass too much," Kobe told her. "Send them my way, and I'll fix that."

If this sounds familiar, earlier this year Kobe said the same thing to Dwyane Wade's son.

"If you're going to be like Uncle Kobe, you need to shoot a lot more."

I like the idea of Kobe spending his farewell tour corrupting the children of fellow NBA stars. Kobe tells PJ Rose that ice cream is a vegetable. Kobe tells Matt Barnes' twins that when a neighbor leaves out a candy bowl and "Please take one" sign on Halloween, you have to swipe it all. Kobe shows little Chris Paul that money skimming scheme from Office Space. Kobe teaches Riley Curry to hot-wire a car.

The NBA will miss you, Kobe, but maybe not the NBA's parents.

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Final Meeting: Kobe and LeBron face off for the last time

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