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A bull invaded a boys' soccer match and charged at a player

Things got a little interesting out at soccer/football today :/Video is not to be saved and distributed without my consent.

Posted by Ryan Devenish on Friday, March 11, 2016

On Friday, there was a tense moment at a boys' soccer match in Maryborough, Queensland, Australia, when a bull roamed onto the field and started charging at a player.

Ryan Devenish, who recorded the video, spoke to Metro about the incident. He was there watching his nephew play his match when the animal appeared:

"As I turned I noticed the young bull standing about 15 feet away from us. In a split second it looked at me and charged about 5 feet in my direction before stopping, turning around, and heading back in to where it came from."

The video shown above was when the bull appeared a second time, after the game was done, running down the sideline in an attempt to get into another field. That was when it started running at the player and crowd. Devenish concluded that "if that player wasn’t as fast as he was" or if it continued to go after him or the crowd, this would have had a different ending. Thankfully, that was not the case.

(h/t 100 Great Goals)