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Even Tulsa's players didn't think they were going to make the NCAA Tournament

NO ONE saw Tulsa making it into the dance this year.

Tulsa made the NCAA Tournament, and in some years, that would be fine and good. They've been dancing 15 times in their program's history, after all -- soon to be 16 when they face Michigan as a play-in game for the East's No. 11 seed.

But this year, Tulsa is just 20-11 in the AAC and lost 89-67 to Memphis in the conference tournament. Their RPI is 61, their KenPom ranking is 58 and they have six losses to non-tournament teams. Of nearly 50 brackets compiled at, NONE of them had Tulsa in the tournament, not a single one.

But don't just take our word for it -- the Tulsa players were already gearing up for the NIT, like senior guard Shaquille Harrison right here.

Somehow, the committee put Tulsa in anyway -- which is great for them, of course, but a damn shame for teams who just missed the cut like St. Bonaventure, South Carolina, Monmouth and Valparaiso.