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John Calipari went on ESPN to voice his frustration about Kentucky's No. 4 seed

The Kentucky Wildcats defeated the Texas A&M Aggies, 82-77, on Sunday to win the SEC Tournament, but head coach John Calipari would have you believe that the results of that matchup didn't matter whatsoever.

On Selection Sunday, the Wildcats were given a No. 4 seed in the East region of the NCAA Tournament, which was surprisingly low. Given that the announcement took place a few hours after the conclusion of the SEC Tournament Final, Calipari seemed shocked but not necessarily surprised when Kentucky's name was called.

Calipari later went on ESPN to voice his frustrations on the timing of the tournament final, saying that "they already picked the [seeding] before we play."

He later seemed to brush the annoyance aside and pointed out the other times he has had his back against the wall during the tournament, noting all that other times he has succeeded regardless of an unfair situation.